Afisco Interests is committed to working in compliance with the most rigorous sustainability standards. Whatever your needs are, we are confident in our ability to effectively fulfill you capacity requirement. We provide quality grades of gasoline and diesel fuel as well as other petroleum products.
We have numerous business relationships, ranging from suppliers, contractors, and customers, all of whom are a vital part of our success. Together we deliver safe, effective and efficient operations.

Afisco Interests believes strong corporate governance practices are critical to successfully building shareholder value. Our focus extends beyond our business activities into our communities, where we dedicate our time, talents and resources to the places we call home.

Afisco Interests acts with a sense of urgency, and maintain cost-effective operations. Over the last decade, we pursue value-enhanced investments, proactively manage risks, and strive for consistent and recognizable excellence.



Reliable Solutions

Petroleum supply and retail development.